Advanced Squad Leader AAR: Rude Mood (AP79)

Download the VASL .vlog playthrough.

Here’s the historical situation:

Date: May 18, 1944
Location: Esperia, Italy
Attacker: Free French (Groupement Linares, Chasseurs d’ Afrique)
Defender: German (Panzergrenadier-Division 90)

The Allied efforts to breach the German fortified defenses known as the Hitler Line were moving slowly forward. General Juin, commanding the Free French forces in Italy, had a plan to outflank the Germans through the Esperia defile and on to Mt. Onto. The initial French assault was forcefully repulsed by anti-tank ambushes and determined defenders manning positions among the rock-strewn approaches to Esperia. General Monsabert was not deterred, however, and ordered an all-out combined-arms assault, with a battalion of African infantry attacking the town over the hills and an armored force pushing up the road.

It’s very possible this is the shortest scenario Scott and I have ever played. Potential players … study those victory conditions carefully!


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N. Ulen & S. Rowland
Neal & Scott are just two dudes who have known each other since junior high school. We fumble our way through scenarios and make fun of ourselves doing video AARs of our ASL games. Almost all of our games are played on VASL.


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