ASL AAR - Merzenhausen Zoo (J19)

ASL AAR: Merzenhausen Zoo (J19)

AAR by: Neal Ulen & Scott Rowland

Advanced Squad Leader AAR – Merzenhausen Zoo (J19)

Here’s the historical situation:

Date: November 22, 1944
Location: Merzenhausen, Germany
Attacker: American / British (1/66 Armored, 1/119th Infantry, 30th Infantry Division and Squadron B, Fife and Forfar Yeomanry)
Defender: German (Volksgrenadier Division 246, SchweweAbteilung 506, and LXXXI Corps)

After six days of fighting, XIX Corps believed they were ready for a quick push to the Roer. Merzenhausen was the key to the enemy’s defenses west of the Roer River. The 246th Volksgrenadier Division was undergoing a relief in place. TF 1/66 with Crocs attacked before the relief occurred and ran into elements of the 246th Volksgrenadier Division and LXXXI Corps.

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