ASL AAR: Makin Mayhem (S95 Playtest)

Here’s the historical situation:

Date: August 17, 1942
Makin Atoll, Gilbert Islands
American USMC (2nd Marine Raider Battalion)
Defender: Japanese (61st Guard Force Detachment)

It was D-Day +1 on Guadalcanal in the Solomons, and half-way across the Pacific two submarines, the Nautilus and Argonaut, departed Pearl Harbor carrying U.S. Marine Corp Raiders. Their destination was Makin Atoll and the Japanese garrison stationed there. The secret raid, under the command of LtCol Evans F. Carlson, was to gather intelligence and inflict mayhem at the garrison in hopes of drawing Japanese resources and attention away from the invasion of Guadalcanal. Nine days later the subs surfaced, the Marines loaded their LCRLs and made for the atoll under the cover of darkness. After battling high seas and rough surf for 45 minutes the exhausted Raiders landed on Beach Z without detection. Lt Peatross’s raft became separated in the darkness and his units landed much further west. As dawn was about to break, Carlson ordered his men inland towards the garrison on the lagoon side of Makin Atoll. At his side was Maj James Roosevelt, the son of president Franklin D. Roosevelt.


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N. Ulen & S. Rowland
Neal & Scott are just two dudes who have known each other since junior high school. We fumble our way through scenarios and make fun of ourselves doing video AARs of our ASL games. Almost all of our games are played on VASL.
asl-aar-makin-mayhem-s95This is possibly the best scenario every created!! (Tongue planted firmly in cheek because I was the designer.) Regardless, I think it's a decent, quickly playing PTO scenario featuring some of the first combat by U.S. forces during World War 2. And it has Marine Raiders!


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