ASL Journal #14
ASL Journal #14 (MMP)

The fighting around Séez, France was part of the broader Battle of the Alps during World War 2. Séez is a small town located in the Savoie region of southeastern France, near the border with Italy.

On June 22, 1940, Italian troops, under the command of General Mario Roatta, launched an offensive against French positions near Séez as part of their broader campaign to seize territory from France. The French defenders, despite being outnumbered and facing the daunting challenge of defending mountainous terrain, put up a determined resistance.

Despite initial Italian advances, the French were able to effectively utilize their defensive positions and mountain warfare tactics to slow down the Italian advance. The terrain and weather also played a significant role, hampering the movement of both sides and contributing to the difficulty of the fighting.

Ultimately, the Battle of Séez, like much of the Battle of the Alps, ended in a stalemate, with neither side achieving significant territorial gains. However, the battle tied down Italian forces and diverted attention from the main German thrust through central France, which ultimately contributed to the French defeat and the establishment of the Italian occupation zone in southeastern France.

ASL AAR: Latecomers (J223)
Italian Invasion of France (Wikimedia Commons)

Latecomers (J223) takes place near Séez as indicated on the map above. Italian Alipine Corp units moved through the passes of the Alps and engaged the French lines of defense.

ASL AAR: Latecomers (J223)

Module: ASL Journal 14 (magazine)
Scenario Publisher: MMP
Scenario Designer: Paul Seage
Date: June 22, 1940
Séez, France

Download the VASL .vsav setup file.
Download the VASL .vlog playthrough.

Scott’s Perspective:

Defender: French (Elements of the French Border Forces).

French Defense Plan

I picked the French … I’m a glutton for punishment!

But to be fair, other than Neal’s elite Italian squads both of us suffer from really bad ELR (2) and low SAN (3). So my hope is both sides do equally poorly but I have enough to hold on at the end. On the south side of the road there are 12 VPs worth of locations, that means if I can hold the building locations on the other side he’ll have to exit at least 4 VP to win the game. But if he captures those 4 locations that also means he’s established a good foothold to be able to do that. Hmmmm…

My 37mm INF Gun can only really go in one place, right next to the road leading off the board in hopes of taking out some AFVs as he moves toward the exit hex. Even then I need some luck to do so. I can’t set it up HIP because it’s a SW, and he’s going to know exactly where it is even under concealment.

The AAMG equipped truck I receive on Turn 2 is near worthless. Unarmored with 2 FP. Best use is to probably get it behind Neal’s lines and use it to prevent rout. But to do that it needs to survive any small arms fire. It will be very easy to take out if it gets anywhere near the action, especially his HMG. I could bring my other platoon of reinforcements in on his flank, but that would probably present significant rout issues trapped next to the right (east) board edge. So instead I’ll just bring them in near the INF Gun and reinforce the woods on the north side of the road.

I set up my best units in the single stone building and scattered the rest around the building locations and hoped for the best. Neal has good approaches due to all the hindrances (grain and orchard) so I’m going to hold my fire until I can see the whites of their eyes!!

Neal’s Perspective:

Attacker: Italians (Elements of the Alpine Army Corps)

ASL AAR: Latecomers (J223)
Italian Attack Plans

It’s not often one gets to play with a full entourage of elite Italian units (4 platoons worth!), but the Alpine Corp is what Scott left me with. Sooooooooo, I’ll take it!

The Italians infantry units must setup on/behind the red start like show above, and/or enter the southern end of the board. I can’t for the life of me figure out why one would choose to enter the infantry from off board. They cannot enter as riders (due to the date and AFVs), and all weapons that can be dismantled (DM) must enter in that state.

I’m obviously not going to do that. Instead I’m going to mass everthing and zerg my way up the east side directly to the VC Locations and the exit hex. My AFVs that enter will link up with some squads and use armored assault through the orchards. My plan is to limit the use of my AFVs and hold them back from Scott’s INF Gun (the only real threat to them) until I have a clear path to exit. I will fire them sparingly because the MA has B11 and the AFVs are worth 0 VP with a busted MA.

I’m not interested at all in trying to take either of the buildings (especially the stone building) north of the road. If I can secure his INF Gun, either by breaking the unit manning it or forcing it to fire on something else, I’m going to blitz my AFVs off the board once they’re in position. And position of them for a blitz off is important because they are SLOW and will be using platoon movement (radioless). So I have to get them fairly close to the exit hex while also keeping them out of LOS of Scott’s INF Gun.

Let’s see how it plays out …


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