ASL AAR: Failure to Communicate (233)

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Here’s the historical situation:

Date: May 13, 1940
Onhaye, Belgium
German (Schützen-Regiment 7, Panzer-Division 7, and Panzer-Regiment 25)
Defender: French (4ème Division d’Infanterie Nord-Africaine and 1ère Division Légère de Cavalerie)

In the early hours of May 13, Rommel pushed units of his Panzer-Division 7 across the Meuse River in the vicinity of Dinant, where they clung to a shaky foothold. While infantry were able to cross on boats, Rommel’s tanks would have to cross on a ferry until a bridge could be built. That evening, under cover of darkness, Schutzen-Regiment 7 succeeded in reaching Onhaye where it overran several French positions. The next morning Rommel received a wireless transmission which proclaimed Schutzen-Regiment 7 was “encircled”. Rommel, fearing for the safety of his tenuous foothold, ordered Panzer-Regiment 25 to take every available tank and race to their aid.

It’s early on the western front, May 1940, and the Germans are pushing into Belgium trying to overcome resistance to their progress. Failure to Communicate covers an action German and French units shortly after the crossing of the Meuse River, near the village of Onhaye. AAR and tactical analysis of another great ASL scenario with highs and lows for both sides, and twists of fate courtesy of the VASL dicebot. Came down to the last CC roll of the game …

Accompanying video with commentary …


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