Stew's Replays: Bridge to Nowhere (54)

Stew’s Replays: Bridge to Nowhere (54)

AAR by: Stephen “Stew” Stewart

Stew’s Replays: Bridge to Nowhere (54)

Here’s the historical situation:

Date: August 12, 1941
Yasnaya Polyana, Ukraine
Italian (1º Battaglione, 80º “Roma” Reggimento Fanteria)
Defender: Russian (Soviet 9th Army)

In July 1941 Mussolini sent the 62,000-strong CSIR (Italian Expeditionary Corps) to the Eastern Front. Its three divisions and attached troops linked up with the Wehrmacht in Romania, where the corps vehicular transport was pooled in order to completely motorize the 9th “Pasubio” Division. This unit, reinforced with corps artillery and motorcycle troops, was ordered to advance quickly to the Bug River, then turn south to cut off the Red Army crossing points. In one typical small-unit action during this period, elements of the division’s advance guard had to force a crossing of a small river in order to continue their advance.

An Advanced Squad Leader AAR between the Italians and Russians with some short historical background and scenario analysis. Live game between 2 players with commentary. Watch for the fun and experience!

Check out the video below.

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