AAR by: Neal Ulen & Scott Rowland

Advanced Squad Leader AAR: A Quick Strike (WO18)

Download the VASL .vsav setup file.
Download the VASL .vlog playthrough.

Here’s the historical situation:

Date: July 10, 1943
Munda Airfield, New Georgia (Solomon Islands)
American (172nd Infantry Regiment, 43rd Infantry Division)
Defender: Japanese (229th Infantry Regiment)

The main attack on Munda Airfield came from the east by the 43rd Infantry Division. The main line of defense ran from Ilangana on Roviana Lagoon northwest for 3,000 yards, manned by the Japanese 229th Infantry Regiment. The defenses centered on mutually-supporting pillboxes of log and coral in well-concealed terrain. The assault began on 7 July from a line of departure on the Bairike River. Two days later, the Defense Battalion, landed at the western tip of Munda Point to participate in a quick strike that the Allies hoped would put Munda Airfield in their hands in a few days.

Back to the steamy jungles of the PTO … and A Quick Strike is a good one. It’s amazing how the ASL Pacific Theater terrain tweaks and Japanese nationality can give such a complex game system a completely different feel.

This scenario involves the Americans slogging through dense jungle, swamp and marsh to try and exit forces off the other end of the playing area. The Japanese are all hidden, concealed, or hunkered down in hidden pillboxes with tunnel exits. The American’s have no choice but to push through the jungle and inevitably stumble upon the Japanese, usually resorting to close combat to unblock the way through the pretty much impassable swamps/marshes, because the Japanese refuse to retreat.

This one came down to the wire. Only 1 victory point separated victor and loser …


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