Announcing ASL Academy Boards

Unused ASLA Boards good enough to play on!


As Advanced Squad Leader Academy (ASLA) and the gang embark on another project, we’ll be developing custom geomorphic and/or historical boards. Some of these boards will be concept and/or test boards that never see the light of day (printed) because they don’t fit the project or were part of the board-making learning process. Our loss is your gain! Feel free to download the VASL board files, dump them in your “boards” directory for your VASL setup, and have your own DYO fun!

These “test series” (ASLA-Tx) boards are 100% functional in VASL, and can be printed (if you choose), most will not have the following features enabled as it requires significant work:

  • LOS string color changes for obstacles and hindrances will not work, but LOS string in general works fine
  • SSR terrain transformations will not work (winterized is simply a separate VASL file)
  • There may be some LOS and/or terrain oddities
  • Graphics may be slightly different than all the standard VASL boards as we experiment with things, but not significantly

Download ASLA-T1 VASL board here.

Download ASLA-T1w VASL board here.

ASL Academy Boards
Board ASLA-T1
ASL Academy Boards
Board ASLA-T1 (plowed fields)
ASL Academy Boards
Board ASLA-T1w (Winterized)


Academy out…


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  1. Thanks Neal for all the ASL stuff you and Scott contribute! that looks like a nice eto type borad, looks pretty usable to me anyways. Maybe you can recycle it and use it something down the road anyway.



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