Scott and I sit down and discuss the results of a recent poll posted in the community section of the ASL Academy Youtube channel. We received almost 250 votes to the question “Advanced Squad Leader ‘needs’ more … “. It’s a debate as old as the system itself, and opinions vary. But there certainly is a trend to those opinions.

Let’s check out the results.

And as always … Thanks for the support!!


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N. Ulen & S. Rowland
Neal & Scott are just two dudes who have known each other since junior high school. We fumble our way through scenarios and make fun of ourselves doing video AARs of our ASL games. Almost all of our games are played on VASL.


  1. I think that an interesting option to add to your list would be reprint. For instance, MMP should reprint into one module both KampfGruppe Peiper I and II. This would be an easy sale for MMP.
    Also, a reprint of the map which ground snow instead of the usual green background.

  2. I have the entire ASL collection. Started playing with Squad Leader in 1977. ASL in 1985. Have all the modules, tpp, all I need to complete collection would be turret counters then I would have it all. I would like black ss turret counters.

  3. Female and young players…you guys are doing a nice job at intro. Be interesting what the few women players do like about ASL and thier thoughts to attract more….



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