Advanced Squad Leader AAR – Stovepipe Funeral (S69).

Here’s the historical situation:

Attacker: Japanese – 136th Infantry Regiment, 43rd Infantry Company and 4th Company, 9th Tank Regiment
Defender: Americans (USMC) – Companies, A & G, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division w/Company Reserve

As part of the invasion to capture the southern Marianas Islands, the 2nd Marine Division landed on the southwest coast of Saipan on 15 June. Lt. Gen. Yoshitsugu Saito chose not to expose the bulk of his troops to an American shoreline bombardment, but instead deployed the 43rd Infantry Division and 9th Tank Regiment inland where they could counterattack the Marine beachhead as it formed. The Marines landed under fire but quickly pushed off the beach. Saito took advantage of the relatively level and open terrain to launch a combined-arms attack, headed by Colonel Takashi Goto’s 9th Tank Regiment, to smash the Marine position before the Americans could bring their forces to bear against him.

Our first foray into PTO with S69 – Stovepipe Funeral. Alternate title: How Not to Do a Banzai Charge.


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