AAR by: Jason Young

Advanced Squad Leader AAR – Legio Patria Nostra (S16)

Here’s the historical situation:

Attacker: Free French (3ème Compagnie, 1er Bataillon de Legion Etrangère, 1ère Division de Marche d’Infanterie/2ème Compagnie, 1er Bataillon de Legion Etrangère, 1ère Division de Marche d’Infanterie)
Defender: German (Panzergrenadier Regiment 67)

After the fall of Rome, the French Expeditionary Corps in Italy (FEC) opened its Italian summer campaign on June 10th along a 25 km front. To carry out its mission of pushing the Germans in front of it north towards Sienna, General Juin set up a “chasing” corps of two infantry divisions, both reinforced with a U.S. armored battalion. Strong German resistance was not felt until June 17th in front of the village of Radicofani. . .

The German Panzergrenadier Regiment 67 was in town northeast and west of the captured machine gun nest in the castle in the center of town in order to stop the flanking Free French Divisions coming from the South. In addition, an AA and AT gun were set up opposite of the castle in the center for harassment fire. When the scenario opened the German regiment luckily wiped out squads both east and west on the initial advancing front causing the Free French to advance through the center.

The German luck continued as they easily broke the Free French flanks. The Free French made a late push to the buildings below the castle; however, with the German eastern flank holding strong the Germans came away with a victory in the end.


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