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Decision at Elst CG Date 6 AAR

Here’s the historical situation:

Date: Sept 25, 1944 – Mid-Day
Attacker: British – Elements of 214th Brigade, 43rd Wessex Division
Defender: Germans – Elements of Kampfgruppe Knaust

Operation Market Garden

Advanced Squad Leader - Decision at Elst CG

Advanced Squad Leader - Decision at Elst CG

Decision at Elst covers actions centered on the town of Elst (Holland), located on “The Island” formed by the mighty Waal and Rhine rivers. The 43rd Wessex Division was tasked with the decisive operation of breaking through Kampfgruppe Knaust to relieve the embattled “Red Devils” in Arnhem to the north..

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The action on “The Island” between Arnhem and Nijmegen is drawing to a close. The Knaust’s ragtag units are holding on by the skin of their teeth in the face of British infantry and armor desperate to push north to link up with their Red Devil comrades attempting to take a bridge too far in Arnhem.

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Mid-day starts with the what remains of the German forces dug into the church and its steeple, trying to cover all the approaches and exit hexes. Several companies of re-enforced British infantry with Shermans in support stare down the Germans from across the boulevard. A Panther lurks just northeast of the church, and the Shermans have their eyes on taking it out as soon as possible.

Advanced Squad Leader - Decision at Elst CG Day 6
The British amass for the final assault


The British Shermans begin pounding the Panther, but cannot penetrate its armor. The Panther returns fire in earnest and malfunctions its main gun.

Meanwhile the British infantry begin moving cautiously across the boulevard, the Germans waiting until the last moment to open fire. But there are just too many Brits coming and they quickly surround the church.

Advanced Squad Leader - Decision at Elst CG Day 6


The vulnerable Panther quickly withers under the intensive fire of the Shermans, its crew becoming shocked from the onslaught. Fate is doing the same to the Germans in the church. Soon all the units are broken and seeking cover from the overwhelming British firepower.

It’s clear to the German commander that the day is lost … and he waves the white flag from the steeple, surrendering all of his forces to Major Souper. It was a short but fruitful mid-day for the 43rd Wessex Division.

On to Arnhem!

Advanced Squad Leader - Decision at Elst CG Day 6


This video below represents Decision at Elst campaign game date 6 (Sept 25, 1944 Mid-Day) described above … which is part 5 of 5 (sorry for the jumpy video).

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