Advanced Squad Leader AAR - Clash at Borisovka (S21)

Advanced Squad Leader AAR – Clash at Borisovka (S21)

AAR by: Neal Ulen & Scott Rowland

Advanced Squad Leader AAR – Clash at Borisovka (S21).

Here’s the historical situation:

Attacker: Russians – 3rd Guards Tank Corps
Defender: Germans – Panzer Regiment, Grossdeutschland Division

The German offensive to retake Kharkov put the Russian Voronezh Front in disarray. Shortages of fuel and ammo hampered the Russians. The situation got worse on March 13th when the Grossdeutschland Division attacked north of Kharkov along the seam between the 40th and 69th Armies. Penetrating deep into the Russian lines, the armored elements, including a company of Tigers, turned northeast in the direction of Tomarovka. The Russian command committed the 3rd Guards Tank Corps to slow down the German advance.

The Russian steppes beckon in this all armor engagement between the Germans and Russians in the spring of 1943.

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